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Siri Question

Discussion of issues related to iOS 8 and all earlier versions of iOS.
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Stephen Hart
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Siri Question

Post by Stephen Hart » Sat Jul 25, 2015 3:02 pm

On some recent trips to Bainbridge Island, we were impressed with Siri and Maps doing turn-by-turn spoken instructions.

But on the way back, we wanted to avoid forgetting that we'd left one car in the Costco parking lot. So my wife says to Siri "When we get to Sequim, remind us to go to Costco." Siri answers that she'd set up the reminder. But as we neared River Road, we heard nothing.

Back at home, I realized what had happened. Siri waited until we got to Sequim, then added the reminder "Go to Costco" to our default Reminders list, our Safeway shopping list. (Not much help. :( )

How should we have asked for the reminder?
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