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Find My Friends

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:37 pm
by Stephen Hart
Here's a minor problem we're still trying to solve.

My wife and I share an Apple ID for most everything, but especially to sync calendars, contacts and reminders. We think of that as our main Apple ID, and it's my Apple ID.

She also has a separate Apple ID so she can have an Apple e-mail address to use on her iPhone.

I have everything on my iPhone set up for my Apple ID.
She has everything except Mail set up for my Apple ID (our shared one). She has Mail set up for her own Apple ID.

This turns out to be not simple to set up, but we think we've done it. But there's one problem:
Find Friends on my iPhone 6 works fine. I see me as me and her as the one "friend."
Find Friends looks wrong on her iPhone 5. She sees me as me, not her as me. And she can't add me as a friend because iOS tells her she can't email herself.

Any ideas?

Re: Find My Friends

Posted: Wed Dec 24, 2014 1:54 pm
by Stephen Hart
This is actually worse than I thought.
In Find My Friends, if I click Me on Karen's phone, I can properly set everything except the Send As section, which lists her as That's not her iCloud e-mail address. (but see below) If I click the arrow, I get several choices, but none of them is her actual iCloud address. They're mine or (or a variation). Furthermore, at the very bottom, it says Signed in as

There's no way I can find to sign out of Find My Friends and start over. I may just delete deleted the app, downloaded it again and reinstalled it on the iPhone, but it just picked up where it left off with the incorrect information.

It is possible that we own from some time in the past. But I can't sign into that account, and if I ask for e-mail confirmation, I never see anything. If it's ours, it's sending to an alternative e-mail address that's no longer in service.

Re: Find My Friends

Posted: Wed Dec 24, 2014 2:24 pm
by Stephen Hart
OK. It looks like the solution is to use Family Sharing. We've both generally used one Apple ID, but Karen has her own Apple ID for iPhone e-mail.

I think we could solve the Find My Friends problem by using Family Sharing. It's not clear to me, though, if we can sync everything else that way. The Apple page mentions a family calendar, but doesn't specify sharing of other calendars and contacts, etc.
I'll do some more research.

Not good news: "One thing that the new iTunes Family Share is not currently able to share is an iTunes Match subscription. If you happen to have iTunes Match, it will be limited to the one account that established it. Additionally, not all in-app purchases or newsstand subscriptions will carry through to every family members account." ... d-to-know/

Re: Find My Friends

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:09 pm
by Stephen Hart
So I'm returning to this issue.
Possibly since iOS 8, which introduced Handoff, we've had this weird issue where in Phone > Recents, we see calls made by the other iPhone logged into our main Apple ID. That is to say, I see calls made by my wife, and she sees calls made by me. Furthermore, Siri Suggestions includes a message contact she uses but I never use.

(In the recent past, we've seen worse corruption of the Phone > Recents list. We've seen calls made a year ago or more, which have been deleted from the Recents list more than once.)

I'm thinking I will try to set up Family Sharing this weekend. Most of its features seem to be irrelevant to us, but it is irritating to have Phone > Recents screwed up.

I guess my procedure would be to have my wife log off my Apple ID (the main one we use for all purchases and syncing), have her log in under her own Apple ID (which she's only used in the past to have a unique e-mail address for her iPhone) and then set up Family Sharing.

What we want is to have all calendars available on all our devices (unless we've unchecked one), to have our one and only Contacts database available on all our devices, to have Find Friends work (with just the two of us as "friends") and to have messages and phone calls separate. Paying for downloads doesn't really matter, as she can set up the same credit card for her Apple ID.
Is that too much to ask?

Anyone in SMUG have any advice?