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800 million iOS devices threatened by ‘WireLurker’ malware

Posted: Thu Nov 06, 2014 8:22 am
by bluesky
This is a new threat not seen before. ... lcountdown

I believe ALL computers (Macs and Windows) should have anti-virus anti-spam anti-phishing anti-malware programs installed. Those programs should be able to also scan the iOs devices when you plug them in via USB. You probably won't get this amount of coverage for free though, so expect to pay a yearly subscription fee.

The Avast for Mac does this when you upgrade to the paid version...

as does the Intego Mac Internet Security X8 ... barrier-x8

Re: 800 million iOS devices threatened by ‘WireLurker’ malwa

Posted: Thu Nov 06, 2014 11:45 am
by bluesky

Re: 800 million iOS devices threatened by ‘WireLurker’ malwa

Posted: Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:45 pm
by Stephen Hart
Just to clarify a bit, this was software from a bogus software web site in China. As far as I've seen, no US Macs were threatened.
An Apple spokesperson told MacNN that "We are aware of malicious software available from a download site aimed at users in China and we've blocked the identified apps to prevent them from launching. As always, we recommend that users download and install software from trusted sources."
Read more: ... z3IKJmzUFG
To take Apple's advice a little further, I'd say never download apps from anywhere other than a trusted developer's website (that you navigated to directly) or the App Store. Malware masquerading as other apps is exactly why Apple developed the Mac App Store and the iOS App Store.

Places not to download include Mac "news" sites, Mac "help" sites, blogs, "free software" sites or any site where you don't expect to see a software download button. In addition to malware, there are download buttons that download two apps, the one you asked for and another that installs ad buttons in Safari.

And, of course, pay close attention any time you see the Mac's warning that you're about to start software downloaded from the internet. That should never come up unexpectedly except if you change hard drives or switch computers. Sometimes the list of approved apps is lost, and you'll have to reprove downloaded software.

If you're ever not sure whether software is safe and effective, ask on the forum before you install.

Re: 800 million iOS devices threatened by ‘WireLurker’ malwa

Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:12 pm
by Stephen Hart
Here's a New York Times article on this issue.

Warning! Don't download apps from Maiyadi App Store, a third-party Mac application store in China!

The bottom line here is that 1. You need to download one of the "infected" apps, and so far the only place to get them is at Maiyadi. 2. You need to run that app. 3. Your iPhone or iPad may be "infected." (It's not clear from anything I've read if this is even possible with US iPhones. Note that the Chinese government had to approve iPhones sold (legally) in China.

So, in general, see my earlier post.