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Discussion of issues related to iOS 8 and all earlier versions of iOS.
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Stephen Hart
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Post by Stephen Hart » Sat Sep 27, 2014 3:42 pm

I'm experimenting with eliminating app icon folders on my iPhone (too hard to remember which folder).
It'd be great to have a way to put a blank space in the app icon array to separate natural groups.

I've seen a number of solutions on the web that range from clearly sketchy (jailbreaking sites) to questionable, but nothing I feel comfortable without a specific, trusted recommendation. After all, if it's a web site, every time you touch the blank icon, you're going to a web site of some kind.

I have my own domain, and can modify my own sites, so I can use the apple-touch-icon.png trick. This is a graphic file you put in the root level of your site, and iOS uses that to make an icon to that web site. But when I tried this, I couldn't get the web page to use the icon. I have another page that does use this icon, so I know how to do it.

Anyone else tried this out?
It would be ideal if Apple would let us add a 1½ line spacing to home screens, or something.
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