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End of Skeuomorphism? Not on Android!

Discussion of issues related to iOS 8 and all earlier versions of iOS.
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Stephen Hart
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End of Skeuomorphism? Not on Android!

Post by Stephen Hart » Wed Oct 02, 2013 3:18 pm

iOS 6 and earlier took a lot of heat because of skeuomorphism, though in the most strict definition, useless decoration to imply a relationship with previous-generation objects, most of the desktop metaphor in Mac OS would pass muster, as would a lot of the decoration in iOS.

iOS 7 did away with much of that, for example the anachronistic reel-to-reel tape animation in

But Android, as is usually the case with Apple competitors, isn't quite up to date. No doubt in the next go-round, they'll eliminate skeuomorphism just as Apple brings some back.
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