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Reminders Tip: On Location

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:12 pm
by Stephen Hart
I've been terrible about remembering to bring reusable bags when I shop at Safeway, even though we have several real cloth bags in each car. I always remember after I'm in the store.
I added an item to our shopping list in Reminders, but of course, I only see that, again, after I'm in the store.

So recently, I set up the bring-the-bags item as a reminder on location. The app remembers the location I set (you can choose current location or any location in your contacts list). It'll ring whatever tone you have set for the Reminders app when you arrive. And it really works. My phone plays the tone as I drive into the parking lot. (If it rings as I drive by Safeway, that's not a big problem.)
The final bit was to make a custom tone that's unique to Reminders, shorter than a phone call ringtone, but longer than a beep (because it's easy to miss a beep if you're driving with the phone in a pocket).