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FCC issues security guidance to smartphone users

Discussion of issues related to iOS 8 and all earlier versions of iOS.
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FCC issues security guidance to smartphone users

Post by bluesky » Wed Dec 26, 2012 8:52 am

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Stephen Hart
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Re: FCC issues security guidance to smartphone users

Post by Stephen Hart » Wed Dec 26, 2012 4:37 pm

Interesting that much of what FCC recommends is built-in or strongly encouraged by Apple:

* locking access to the phone with PINs or passwords (Both four-number PIN and long passwords are available built in on iPhones.)
* avoiding changing the phone’s factory security settings or rooting/jailbreaking the phone (Apple is making it harder and harder to jailbreak an iPhone. At least one hacker says iOS 6.1 may make it really difficult or even impossible.)
* backing up the phone data regularly in the cloud, on a computer or on a removable memory card (Backups are automatic in iOS. Note that an iCloud backup only copies the most important data and settings. Backing up to a Mac copies all data. Also note that if you're concerned about security, you need to assign a good password to your Mac backup.)
* installing apps only from trusted sources and after checking their user reviews (Unless you jailbreak an iPhone, the only source is the App Store.
* reviewing and understanding the permissions requested by applications before installing them (Excellent advice. For example, the newly released Google Maps has a buried preference setting allowing it to gather data from your phone.)
* installing the firmware updates issued by the manufacturer (This should happen automatically in iTunes, or you can install via WiFi.)
* installing security apps that allow remote locking and wiping of the phone (Nothing to install in iOS, it's built in.)
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