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Save As in Mountain Lion

Discussion of issues related to OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) and all earlier versions of OS X.
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Stephen Hart
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Save As in Mountain Lion

Post by Stephen Hart » Wed Aug 08, 2012 2:55 pm

In Lion, Apple introduced Versions, Duplicate, Revert, etc. to the File dialog for its own apps. Save As disappeared. These changes are based on some core OS features that any developer can use or not use as they see fit.
Here's a SMUG thread on the general topic: ... e+As#p1118

Now, in Mountain Lion, Apple has brought Save As back (hold down option and click File), possibly in response to consumer complaints.

But it's not the same as the old system, and I don't think it can be. Some Macintouch posters have gone ballistic because Save As doesn't work like it used to.

In the old days, if you chose Save As, the original document was closed without saving. This, of course, could lead to a lot of lost work, depending on what you were expecting.

Now, Save As is in addition to autosave. So if you edit a document, it's been saved already. Save As can't undo that, and Apple sure isn't going to get rid of autosave, since that's the core of Versions.

If you want to have the old functionality, choose Duplicate, then select the original document and choose Revert.

My opinion is that the current system gives us all the choices we need along with protection against crashes and many kinds of mistakes.
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