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Application Termination

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:58 am
by Stephen Hart
For several OS X iterations, there's been a CPU-saving feature called automatic termination. Unused apps may quit on their own, or an app may quit when you close it's last window. The easiest way to change this behavior, if you don't like it, is to use the SMUG-approved TinkerTool utility (free).

Relatedly, here's a tip from a Macintouch reader to switch to an app if for some reason you can't do it normally (by clicking in its window, for example):
Brian S
Even though an app ( such as Preview or TextEdit ) is not visible as an active app (via, say, Command-Tab), it is visible in the dialog window list generated by Option+CMD+Escape. Once that list appears, double click on the app (don't use the force quit button), and its menu bar should appear and allow it to be used. This isn't a solution to Automatic Termination but has helped me a few times.