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Possible Problems With Office For Mac

Discussion of issues related to OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) and all earlier versions of OS X.
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Richard Serkes
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Possible Problems With Office For Mac

Post by Richard Serkes » Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:21 am

I've been reading online about people having problems with Office for Mac after loading Mavericks. The problems seem to be less with Office 2011 and more extensive with earlier releases of Office. The problems seem to be getting the individual Office programs to load.

I just tried my copy of Office 2011 and here's my report. I double-clicked Excel and it took forever to load. But I was watching the "fonts are loading" percentage which was indicating that the fonts were the problem. Finally Excel loaded. I closed it and reopened it and the second time it opened faster than it had under Mountain Lion. I also noticed that it wasn't saying anything about loading fonts.

Then I tried Word, Powerpoint and Outlook all of which loaded very quickly and none of which said anything about loading fonts. So on my installation it seems as if the first time you try to open an Office 2011 program under Mavericks it takes a long time to reestablish the fonts. After that all the programs run quickly.

I don't doubt that the people on other forums who are talking about being unable to use Office for Mac aren't having their reported problems, but I didn't.
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Re: Possible Problems With Office For Mac

Post by JerryFreilich » Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:12 pm

Richard, you were experiencing Office's "Rebuilding the Font Menu" task which takes place each time a new OS is installed. And also after new versions of the software or updates. This behavior has been standard practice for many years. In the old days they used to warn you that this task might take some time. Now, they just don't mention it. Apparently office updates its font menus for all the Office apps at the same time, hence what you observed. All subsequent loads of the Office apps should go faster.... in many cases much faster.

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Stephen Hart
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Re: Possible Problems With Office For Mac

Post by Stephen Hart » Thu Oct 31, 2013 2:29 pm

My wife, Karen, experienced this as well, but in a slightly different way.
She opened one of her PowerPoint presentations* and was dismayed to see her meticulously arranged text in the wrong font with all the line breaks broken.

We quit all the Office apps and restarted one. It rebuilt the fonts database for Office, and that fixed the problem.

What I've read is that Office apps, once they have a new fonts database, open faster than they did in Mountain Lion.

Also, Microsoft has had its own ideas about fonts going back at least to Microsoft Word 5. I started with Word 4, but can't remember that far back.
Actually, the original reason (I think) for Microsoft doing this (other than poking a sharp stick in Steve Jobs' eye) was so that the user could make a customized Fonts menu in the menubar. That was actually a good idea, as in many apps you may have wanted quick access to a dozen or so fonts, and separate access to all fonts. Now we have hundreds of fonts, and many apps don't even have fonts menus.

*Don't start. She has to use a Windows computer for presentations in the lecture hall for technical reasons, and couldn't get converted Keynote presentations to retain the font information.
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