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Free Lecture on Mobile Me --> iCloud

Discussion of issues related to iCloud, Apple's "cloud" service designed to store and sync your music, photos, apps, calendars, and documents
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Free Lecture on Mobile Me --> iCloud

Post by Stephen Hart » Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:08 pm

Here's a free lecture that should help those of us making the Mobile Me to iCloud transition at the last minute. Unfortunately, it's in Paris.
No, I'm not kidding. But the good news is that it'll be available as a live webinar and on YouTube.
Adam Engst here. As a public service for those still dealing with the upcoming MobileMe shutoff, Take Control author Joe Kissell will be giving a free TidBITS Presents "Adieu MobileMe" online presentation about how to deal with the loss of MobileMe services, whether that involves switching to iCloud or using services from other companies. As publisher of the Take Control ebook series, I'll be hosting the presentation, and you can join us on Saturday, June 16th, at 12 PM Eastern (9 AM Pacific, and 6 PM in Paris, France, where Joe lives). If you can't participate live, you can tune in later.

Joe wrote our "Take Control of iCloud" ebook last year, and he has updated it a few times since to keep it in sync with Apple's changes. For TidBITS Publishing (publishers of the Take Control series and the TidBITS Web site), it has been our best-selling title by far since it was released, helping many thousands of Mac users make the transition from MobileMe. Despite that, and despite various TidBITS articles about the transition, we're still hearing anxiety from people who haven't yet made plans for after MobileMe goes dark on June 30th, whether those plans might involve switching to iCloud or replacing MobileMe's services with those from Google, Dropbox, ZangZing, and others.

Joe's presentation on Saturday is exactly the sort of talk that he gives at major conferences like Macworld | iWorld and the MacMania cruises, but we're making it free for all comers. Those who attend live will have a chance to ask questions and help guide the discussion. Again, all of this will be free, though we hope it will encourage people who wish to switch to iCloud to purchase "Take Control of iCloud."

This is an experiment for us, since although we've done many point-to-point online presentations for Mac user groups over the years, we've never tried a webinar for what could be hundreds of simultaneous viewers. We'll be using Google+ Hangouts On Air, since it seems to combine a decent live experience with automatic recording to YouTube, but we're unsure of how it will work for everyone. For instance, we believe that anyone can watch live, but you'll need a Google+ account (and need to be logged in) to add questions to the Hangouts On Air post. And, alas, Hangouts On Air doesn't work on iOS yet (you can view the YouTube video on the iPad afterward, though).

If you have time on Saturday at noon Eastern, do join Joe and me, and bring your MobileMe questions. As you'll see on the TidBITS Presents landing page we've set up, the link to the live presentation won't be available until we start it. If you need to communicate with us outside of Google+, send me messages via Twitter at @adamengst. To add this event to your calendar, download this .ics file and import it into iCal or BusyCal on the Mac, or into Calendar on iOS. ... bileMe.ics

See you on Saturday!

cheers... -Adam
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