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Calendars and Reminders

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:26 pm
by Stephen Hart
Twice recently, we found that a whole calendar was suddenly missing from Calendars. By the time we noticed, this was true across all of our devices, two iPhones, an iPad Pro, two iMacs and in iCloud viewed in Safari.

Getting a calendar back from Time Machine is apparently possible, but it's ten or more steps, and the one time I tried it, I couldn't get it to work. The reason this is complicated is that Calendars in iCloud reinstates what it thinks is current even if you replace a calendar on a Mac. In our case, we decided that resurrecting the calendars wasn't worth the work and risk. One was my wife's college schedule, but now she's retired. One was my personal calendar, but I rarely used that.

There's apparently no way to get a past calendar back from iCloud.


Here's how it happens:

Sometimes, a new list will appear in (not in iOS. It will be empty, but it will have the name of a calendar. If you're in Reminders and don't know why this new list is there, you may decide to just delete it. Don't. If you do, you'll get a reminder that an associated calendar will also be deleted. I never saw the reminder, or if I did, I didn't understand it. It means that you're actually deleting a whole calendar. Then iCloud will delete the calendar in the cloud and it's gone, baby gone.

This issue has been reported since at least 2013, and it's still happening. I have found no solution. ... 0&tstart=0 ... 0&tstart=0 ... 0&tstart=0

If you ignore the extra Reminders list, reports in some of the Apple discussions say, it will mysteriously go away.