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Roku 2 and Amazon Firestick -- FREE

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Richard Serkes
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Roku 2 and Amazon Firestick -- FREE

Post by Richard Serkes » Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:12 am

I’ve upgraded to a newer Roku to get a couple of features my Roku 2 doesn’t have. And I haven’t used my Amazon Firestick for a long time because it doesn’t play certain “channels” my wife and I like to watch. These devices that are in perfect working order need a new home.

If you like to watch streaming programming on your TV via your I’Net hookup and would like one or both of these devices they’re yours. Just let me know at

Oh, we take the Firestick with us when we travel and plug it into the hotel room’s TV so we can watch what we want to watch if we’re in for the evening. I’ve never had a problem logging on to a hotel’s WiFi to use it.
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